Episode 138: The Rock Star Principals’ Podcast

The Rock Star Principals, Jon and Nick, are thrilled to be back on the airwaves! Episode 138 is sponsored by Lexia Learning (lexialearning.com) and “brings it” with three awesome segments:

  • “Getting Up to Speed”
    • The boys talk about the incredibly unique 2020-2021 school year, challenges, opportunities for success, and the uncharted future ahead.
  • A Word from Our Sponsor: Lexia Learning (@lexialearning)
  • The Pennsylvania Principal’s Association
    • Jon “addresses the nation” about some awesome new initiatives with the PA Principals Association including the new website, monthly school spotlights on YouTube, semi-monthly President Vlogs, and more! 
  • Commercial: Godzilla vs. Kong
  • Article Review: “A Fuller Picture of What a ‘Good School Is” from Edutopia.org
    • The boys’ say “I told ya so” as research from Chicago supports the importance of relationships and SEL over standardized test scores in long-term success of students.

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