Episode 139: The Rock Star Principals’ Podcast

The Rock Star Principals are back and once again brought to you by Lexia Learning! In this week’s episode, Jon and Nick bring you two awesome segments discussing:

  • Leadership Lessons from “Yellowstone”
    • Kevin Costner’s Leadership Quotes
      • “You can’t teach toughness. You’re either born a willow or you’re born an oak.”
      • “There’s once constant in life: you build something worth having; someone’s gonna try and take it.”
      • “I have this new rule. I only carry my cell phone in places where there’s no service.”
  • The 11 P’s of Rock Star Leadership

Don’t forget to catch the Rock Star Principals at the ASCD Empowered Principal Symposium this Wednesday, April 21st, 2021 for an awesome afternoon of Professional Development, which will then be available on-demand until June 21st. Also, a big “thank you” to our producer and instructional technologist, Mike Indeglio, for creating a dynamic presentation for our session. 

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